Thursday, October 8, 2009

Public Support for Health Reform: Increasing or Collapsing or Neither?

Interesting data from on health reform - seems clear that support for health reform has not been on the rise as some have suggested.

According to Pew, Obama's approval is down and the public clearly opposes Congressional health reform proposals - and this is from a sample with only 23% Republicans. Gallup puts it at 51% in favor to 41% oppose, the AP puts it at 40% to 40%, and Quinnipiac has it 47% opposed and 40% in favor.

Taken together, the numbers suggest that the public is either opposed or indifferent. The best that could be said by reform proponents is that opposition has leveled off and stopped rising, while support has stopped falling and leveled off.

Public support needs to be higher to bring Republicans on board - even with the urging of former party leaders like Bob Dole.

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