Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fascist! Racist! We Are Spinning Out Of Control

So I have folks on the Left angry that I've criticized Liberals for hurling the racist label around and I have folks on the Right angry at me for making the Sauerbrey "fascism" comments public.

Look - I think that we are on dangerous ground here and I'm not going to play favorites in this debate.

Calling all of the president's critics racist is almost as crazy as calling the president a fascist - but both are dangerous. These labels are powerful and elicit a deep emotional response among people. If one side keeps telling their supporters that America’s future is being threatened by racists and the other side keeps warning that we are seeing the rise of fascism how long will it be until someone, somewhere, resorts to violence? And once that bottle is uncorked it cannot help but spread. When that day comes neither leaders of the Left or the Right will be able to claim clean hands. Which is why they need to stand up now and condemn the dangerous rhetoric coming from their respective camps. Some leading Democrats have stood up to Jimmy Carter... but there is a deafening and unacceptable silence from Republicans.

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