Saturday, September 19, 2009

Left Wing Hate Killed the Kennedys...

So, according to Eric Boehlert at MediaMatters right wing hate killed John Kennedy - "But I've been thinking about Dallas in 1963 because I've been recalling the history and how that city stood as an outpost for the radical right, which never tried to hide its contempt for the New England Democrat. Now, in this this month's Vanity Fair, Sam Kashner offers up in rich detail the hatred that ran wild in Dallas in 1963. To me, the similarity between Dallas in 1963 and today's unhinged Obama hate is downright chilling.... But the truth is, America's most famous bouts of political violence (i.e. JFK, Oklahoma City, etc.) have always been accompanied by waves of radical, right-wing rhetoric."

I hate stupid people... and this article was written by a very stupid person. JFK was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, a communist who, according to the Warren Commission despised the "Right." And Oswald considered Kennedy to be a member that hated "Right". RFK was killed by another leftist - a Jordanian nationalist Sirhan Sirhan - because of RFKs support for Israel. Both Kennedy's died at the hands of left-wing hate... not because of right wing hate. Why do we have so many conspiracy theories about the Kennedy assassinations? Because of the deep denial on the Left that they too are capable of hate and violence. They would rather dream up grand conspiracies of a CIA plot and the Military Industrial Complex killing the Kennedys just to protect the war in Vietnam. Claiming tha right wing hate killed either Kennedy is pure delusion.

Rewriting history just to silence President Obama's critics is an insult not only to the lives of JFK and RFK but to their memories and their legacies and the vision of liberalism that they shared and that the contemporary "left" has long forgotten.

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