Monday, September 14, 2009

Update to "All of this Hitler Nonsense..."

I wanted to add something to my prior post on "All of this Hitler Nonsense..." I want to be clear - there is no acceptable excuse for comparing Barack Obama or George Bush to Hitler - None, period. Though the comparisons mostly originate from within fringe movements, mainstream Conservatives and Liberals must step up and denounce the comparisons. During the Bush years, the mainstream Left ignored these outrageous claims and they grew unchecked. President Obama is now the recipient of an escalation in these reprehensible attacks – and the mainstream Right has remained silent. At some point prominent Republicans must stand up and denounce these folks. If not, it will only escalate further – and god help the next President. Apparently, former Maryland gubernatorial candidate and Bush appointee Ellen Sauerbrey made a veiled comparison to Obama’s agenda and the rise of Nazi Germany during the annual Lincoln/Reagan Dinner in St. Mary’s County, MD. Though Sauerbrey is far from being a mainstream conservative, Republican leaders in the state (especially former Governor Robert Ehrlich and former Lieutenant Governor and current Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele) should immediately denounce her words and demand that she apologize. This has to stop….

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